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Dog Walking

Whether your dog needs a walk down the street or a marathon around the block (or two!), we've got an option that's sure to keep your dog fit and engaged.

30 minute walk: $20

45 minute walk: $25

60 minute walk: $30

Pet Sitting

This is a perfect option if you need a drop-in visit to ensure your pet has everything they need to feel comfortable throughout the day. Services include feeding, watering, play, and potty time.

30 minute visit: $23
60 minute visit: $34
Contact us for other time durations and we will make a custom plan

All sittings come with regular text, photo, and video updates. We'll even video chat if you'd like!

Overnight Pet Care

Overnight pet care is for 12 hours to ensure your pet goes to bed comfortably and wakes up cared for. If you need additional care, check out our All Nighter+ or contact us for a custom plan.
All Nighter: $75 - overnight stay, morning TLC (food, walk, play, potty)
All Nighter+: $90 - overnight stay, morning TLC, mid-day check-in

Medicine Administration

We have experience administering a wide range of medicines to different animals. Most pet sitting services charge an extra cost for this - but we do not charge an additional fee for giving your pet medicine if you've booked another service*. We have experience with:

Topical solutions

* exceptions may apply if extraordinary measures are required to give your pet medicine

Additional Charges

More than 2 animals: $5 per animal/service
Travel charge: $0.65/mile outside service area
Major holiday: $10/visit
Cancellation < 1 week notice: 50% deposit provided up front is not refunded or applied to a future booking
Key Pick-Up/Drop Off: $10

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